Aidan Koch  is currently travelling the world. Follow her at


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David King lives in California, U.S.A. He makes indie/underground/alternative comics about cracking wise and being mean to your friends and other avant-garde stuff like that. His website is called Reliable Comics.


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Farel Dalrymple was the artist on Omega the Unknown (Marvel Comics), with writer Jonathan Lethem. Farel’s own comic book, Pop Gun War (Dark Horse Comics) was originally published with the help of a Xeric grant and won a gold medal from The Society of Illustrators. Farel is a co-founder and contributor to the comic book anthology, Meathaus. He is currently residing in Oregon where he is writing and drawing The Wrenchies, for First Second Books, and drawing Prophet for Image Comics.
His website is here.

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François Vigneault is a cartoonist, publisher, and student living in Portland, Oregon.

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Ian MacEwan — I didn’t write Atonement! Hi. I’m a comics artist and illustrator in Portland, Oregon. The Yankee is my first comic that’s been released into the public sphere. In my down time I curate Quenched Consciousness, a tumblr devoted to the work of Jean “Moebius” Giraud. When I’m not doing that, I’m probably forgetting to eat regularly or finding new ways to disrupt my sleep schedule.

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Ian Sundahl — Ian Sundahl is a painter, comic artist, filmmaker and actor living in Portland, Oregon. He publishes the graphic work “Social Discipline” regularly (available from Sparkplug Comicbooks) in addition to making films that have been screened internationally.
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Jason Leivian is owner of Floating World Comics in Portland, Oregon. Curator of DMTV, an annual animation festival. Publisher of comics and books.

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Jennifer Parks is a full time Illustrator, part time drink slinger currently residing in Portland Oregon where she lives with her son and three strange cats. She loves animals and all things green. Her work is inspired by lost childhood memories, magic, ghosts, and nature.

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Jonny Negron is a thief of fire.

His work has appeared in Chameleon, DemonGodGoblinHeaven, Diamond 6, Gang Bang Bong, Thickness, Study Group Magazine, and Vice online. Visit &


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Julia Gfrörer is an artist and printer who lives in Portland, Oregon. Her comic books include Mundane Grimoire, Too Dark to See, the series Ariadne auf Naxos, and Flesh and Bone, which was nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2010, and included in 2011’s Best American Comics. She has long red hair, likes to cry, and drinks a lot of tea.


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Kazimir Strzepek grew up on the island of O’ahu and now resides in Seattle, Washington, where he continues to quietly work on his post-apocalyptic fantasy comic, The Mourning Star.

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Levon Jihanian is an Ignatz award-nominated cartoonist and illustrator based in Southern California. His work most often depicts quiet and surreal fantasy elements.

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Malachi Ward lives in Pasadena with his wife Keiko. He’s made some comics like Utu, The Scout, and Top Five, and he’s co-made the comic series Expansion with Matt Sheean. He’s also contributed to Mome, Nobrow, and Smoke Signal. When he isn’t drawing Malachi likes to look out the window or watch Star Trek.

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Matt Rota is an award winning illustrator based in New York and an instructor at institutions that include the School of Visual Art and The Maryland Institute College of Art.  His clients include The New York Times, McSweeney’s, Nylon, The Utne Reader, LA Weekly, Russian Esquire, Philadelphia Weekly, The Columbia Journalism Review, Science News, Ninja Tune Records, Time Out Chicago, City magazine, Isthmus, Wax poetics, and other publications. His drawings and prints have been shown in galleries in New York, Hollywood, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Maine, Toronto, and San Salvador. He has received recognition and awards from The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, 3×3 Magazine, Creative Quarterly, and Lurzer’s Int’l Archive. His comics have been anthologized on Top Shelf 2.0, and in Gutter, Rabid Rabbit, and Supertalk. visit:

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Michael DeForge was born in 1987 and draws comics in Toronto, Ontario. His ongoing comic Lose is published by Koyama Press.

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Milo George is a writer/editor/designer who lives in St. Johns, OR.
He has multiple trophies from the Utne Independent Press Awards and
The World’s Toughest Copyeditor competition.





Morgan Jeske is a comic book artist who currently refers to himself in the third person, and resides in Vancouver, BC. Follow his adventures here:

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Patrick Keck is from Fruita, Colorado. He’s been making minicomics for a few years and wants to keep making them for years to come.


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Pete Toms is a cartoonist surrounded by New Jersey. When he isn’t drawing his comic Paws, or coloring things for other artists, he is either very tired or napping.

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Sam Alden was born in 1988. Now he draws comics and illustrations in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. His ongoing comic book novelEighth Grade is sure to get him somewhere someday.

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Sam Humphries is a comic book writer living in Los Angeles. His work includes the self-published OUR LOVE IS REAL and SACRIFICE; HIGHER EARTH and FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES with BOOM! Studios; and THE ULTIMATES and JOHN CARTER: THE GODS OF MARS with Marvel Comics.

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 Sean T. Collins writes for Rolling StoneThe Comics Journal, and many other publications and publishers. He collaborates with artist Matt Wiegle on the ongoing webcomic Destructor; his other comics have been published through Top ShelfPartyka, Marvel, the Thickness anthology series, and online. He lives on Long Island with his wife, daughter, and cats. visit

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Simon Roy is an artist/writer/student from Victoria, BC, who is currently finishing a Bachelor’s of Design and working on the Image Comics series “Prophet”.

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Tom Neely is a painter, cartoonist and self-publisher living in Los Angeles. His art has been featured in galleries in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in magazines, literary journals, on album covers and posters for bands like ISIS and Wolves in the Throne Room. He recently curated and published the anthology Bound & Gagged, and published his acclaimed second graphic novel, The Wolf.

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Zack Soto lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and cat. He’s the publisher of Study Group Comic Books, co-editor of Study Group Magazine, and creator of The Secret Voice and Ghost Attack comics.
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