Calgary – Death Milks a Cow – by Connor Willumsen



  1. Yow! This rips

  2. RJO III wrote:

    the colors and lines, so so good. super inspiring

  3. tomer wrote:

    above and beyond

  4. David Jablow wrote:

    this is fucking astounding.

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  6. […] a couple years ago my pal and cartooning stallion, leland purvis sent me this link saying he knew i would enjoy it. i did and then some. conner willumsen has since become one of my favorite cartoonists. he does these amazing web comic experiences as well as an occasional work for hire story like this astounding and brutal untold tales of the punisher max (#2) story with super prolific and prodigious cartoonist/writer and all around good guy jason latour. i don’t really care about most mainstream comics but every once in a while some cool creators really get it right. if you like the punisher even slightly you will probably love this story. i freakin’ did. talk about being right up my alley. if i ever got to do a punisher story i would really try to get in the ballpark of this one. also i just saw that conner has a strip on the repeatedly mentioned study group comics. read it here. […]

  7. JustMe wrote:

    I don’t get it, but apparently others do.

    • hero wrote:

      they probably don’t get it either but are commenting on the art. if anyone gets it please tell us what it’s about.

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