Baby Bjornstrand – Part 1 – by Renee French

It’s not cloudy, it’s Baby Bjornstrand.

– NSFW –



  1. lisa wrote:

    love the characters glowiness when they speak!

  2. Colin wrote:

    The world of children is never clearer. Everything makes sense because everything is new. And the sharp lines but beyond-focus backgrounds are magical.

  3. Ian wrote:

    This is fantastic!

  4. Lee wrote:

    haha this is so good.

  5. lisa wrote:

    so sound effect-alicious!

  6. Val wrote:

    So funny it made me PFFFFFFFT!!!! I want to have an affair with Renee’s brain.

  7. Chito wrote:

    oh i’d love to touch it…can i smell it too maybe?

  8. renee french always reminds me how exciting, creepy and weird being a kid was. and the gross parts are always beautiful and funny.

  9. Lil gladding wrote:

    This is so cute. I love it, Renee.

  10. Vorpalizer wrote:

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