2dcloud Winter Collection Preview

2D Cloud

Artwork by Sarah Ferrick

All weekend long we are bringing you previews from 2D Cloud’s exciting Winter Collection. Don’t forget to pledge on their ongoing Kickstarter campaign, which ends Wednesday March 9th! We will be sharing previews of Sec by Sarah Ferrick, ITDN by Andrew Burkholder, Mirror Mirror, and more! These are great, exciting books and we are delighted to be sharing them with you here!


“2dcloud takes chances on work that takes chances. Their optimism is contagious. The world of comics — and the world of culture — can’t afford to be without them.” — Bill Kartalopoulos, The Best American Comics Series Editor

“2dcloud goes boldly where other comics publishers fear to tread.” — Anders Nilsen

2dcloud is proud to announce the Winter Collection, a labor of love years in the making, presenting major new works by emerging and established artists. Gulag Casual presents the last 6 years of Austin English’s comics in an expansive, full color, large format book. ITDN collects all 5 years of Andy Burkholder’s wildly diverse, anonymous, project of the same name. Mirror Mirror #1 features 10 emerging artists in an exhibition—in—print edited by Blaise Larmee. Sec is the latest of Sarah Ferrick’s series of love poems. Altcomics Magazine continues its journey into a second issue.

ITDN by Andrew Burkholder
Gulag Casual by Austin English
Mirror Mirror #1 by Nou Tracy Auch Andrea Bjürstrom Leslie Weibeler Caroline Hennessy Nicholas Verstraeten Katherine Poe Sarah Ferrick Connor Willumsen Leon Sadler [ed. Blaise Larmee]

Sec by Sarah Ferrick
Altcomics Magazine #2


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